Geotechnical Engineering Case Study – CFA Piling

New reinforced rubber auger cover flaps reduce splash incidents and increase time in service

The Situation

A major contractor in the geotechnical engineering sector approached us. They specialised in continuous flight auger (CFA) piling and needed a problem solving.

The problem was that when they removed the auger, concrete would splash the area. There had been complaints from car owners who had suffered damage, or pedestrians who had suffered injury, from the splashing.

The Problem

The major contractor was using an auger cover with two to four rubber flaps mounted on it. This was to stop the concrete from splashing back without hampering the auger’s operation.

This cover used a reasonably appropriate grade of market-leading abrasion resistant rubber sheeting. Yet it offered insufficient tear resistance. Furthermore, removing the cover would cause tearing and ripping. The flap offered little protection from the splashing concrete and it would need replacing often.

A new solution was urgently needed.

Our Solution

The contractor approached White Cross Rubber Products to provide an alternative flap.

Our Technical Sales Rep identified that the current rubber sheet had insufficient tear strength to deal with the rigours of the job. While the concrete was not corrosive, the rubber was degrading in the open atmosphere.

This meant that the cover required a textile reinforced rubber sheeting product. The reinforced nature meant that the cover would withstand more gouging and abrasion.

The contracted needed a quick turnaround and relatively small volumes of rubber. Because of this, we used existing stock rather than producing a bespoke solution.

Having looked into our range, we chose our product reference 4500PNX. This is a 4.5mm thick PVC-Nitrile leno reinforced sheet and ideal for the contractor’s needs.

Our Results

Using dimensions supplied by the customer, we cut the flaps as specified and shipped them for testing.

We found that 4500PNX offered the ideal balance of rigidity and flexibility required of the flap. It also provided the much-needed augmented tear resistance that the conditions demanded.

Since switching to the 4500PNX auger cover flaps, complaints due to concrete splashing have reduced to almost zero. They also last approximately 400% longer in service. This not only means a dramatic reduction in how often the flaps need replacing, but also that the rigs stay in service much longer.

Above all, the new flaps have granted peace of mind to the contractor. They can now work feeling confident that their activities are not placing staff, property nor the public in danger.

Your Needs

Do you work in the geotechnical engineering sector? Are you interested in how 4500PNX auger flap covers could work for you? Perhaps you have a different specialist rubber sheeting enquiry? If so, please contact White Cross Rubber Products Limited on +44 (0)1524 585200. You can also email us at [email protected], or fill out our contact form.