Buy British Rubber Sheeting to Save Brexit Bother


Many businesses that buy rubber sheet abroad and import it for their manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly worried as the Brexit deadline draws closer. Fears of a poor deal or no deal at all are leaving companies in limbo as they contemplate what happens next. But all is far from lost. It is time for these organisations to think about onshoring and buying British rubber sheeting.

Avoid import shipping costs by buying UK-manufactured rubber sheeting

Many buyers are aware of British-made rubber sheeting but, up until now, they have opted to purchase it from overseas suppliers. The price may have appeared attractive, but shipping costs and transport disruptions often wipe out any price advantage. This can even end up costing a buyer more in the long run.

UK-manufactured rubber sheeting is competitively priced, and the fact that local delivery costs are significantly lower than import shipping costs mean that products made in the UK are now more of an attractive proposition. Let’s also not forget that you can form a partnership based on common language and culture. There is a value in being able to conduct product development face to face and also in dealing with any issues that may arise.

The fall in the value of GBP

Another significant factor to take into account when purchasing any products from overseas is the foreign exchange rate. In June 2016, the Brexit referendum resulted in a decision to leave the EU by a vote of 52% against 48%. As a direct result, the value of the Pound has plummeted by 19%.

Any savings that might have been made by buying in rubber sheeting from abroad have now been virtually wiped out by the drastic fall in the value of Sterling. The drop in the value of the Pound would have been attractive for overseas buyers of British-made rubber sheeting. However, for UK businesses buying in from abroad, it was something of a catastrophe.

The growing trend of reshoring

When a business transfers the business transactions that were moved abroad back to the country in which they were first made, that is reshoring. With confidence still uncertain in the Pound as Brexit negotiations continue to stall and stutter, the British economy has seen a growing trend back to reshoring.

Buying British-made rubber sheeting avoids problems at Customs

Another benefit of sourcing UK manufactured rubber sheeting is that it avoids the long transit times in shipping. So too are delays and mix-ups at customs, something which many businesspeople are forecasting will become a more significant problem. If the UK exits with no deal, the transition period is likely to be chaos!

A UK manufacturer of rubber sheeting products

White Cross Rubber Products have been manufacturing reinforced rubber sheeting, rubber-coated textiles, and high-quality rubber sheeting for over 30 years. As well as providing products for the UK market, we also export British-made rubber sheeting to customers around the world.

Why White Cross Rubber Products?

At White Cross Rubber, we predominantly custom manufacture our products. This is so that we are able to meet our customers’ ever-growing needs. We have the ability to produce top quality materials in a variety of constructions, thicknesses, widths and finishes. This is why we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rubber sheeting.

As a UK manufacturer of these products, British companies can benefit first-hand by buying directly from us. This will negate any potential consequences that arise as a result of Brexit.

To begin your enquiry, contact us today by calling us on 01524 585200, by emailing us at [email protected] or by filling out the contact form on our website.

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