Do You Need Rubber Sheeting or Rubber Coated Textiles?


We break the products we manufacture down into three broad types:

While each of these types contains many standard WCRP products (and an incredible range of possible custom specifications to meet requirements), for some designers and engineers, even selecting from these three requires information they haven’t yet learned.

The basic differences can be summed up in three short sentences.

Rubber sheeting is a single homogeneous material throughout the sheet.

Reinforced rubber sheeting has a textile substrate (or similar) inserted into the middle of it, but is mostly rubber.

Rubber coated textiles are mostly textile, with a thin rubber coating.

Making the Right Choice

Which type of product is best for you, then, depends on the performance criteria your application requires. Questions like flexibility, extendibility, compression, tensile strength, tear strength, weight, thickness and durability are all important here.

Depending upon your needs and your group’s experience, White Cross Rubber Products can produce sheeting to your specifications or work with your requirements to develop the specifications you need. This includes not just consideration of the broad product type but selecting the most suitable types of rubbers and textiles to optimise performance in any given service environment.

With experience serving clients across multiple market sectors, we have more expertise than most.

We can provide solutions that may be new to you but are well-established in another industry – or use what we’ve learned to create something completely new just for you.

Why not contact us to put us to the test?

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