EPDM Coated Textiles Manufacturers

Custom made EPDM coated fabrics are produced by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. Manufactured in the UK, high quality EPDM coated textiles are supplied to the customer’s desired specification. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber is a versatile synthetic elastomer used in a variety of applications and industry sectors including automotive and construction. EPDM Coated… Read more »

Hypalon Coated Textiles Manufacturers

Hypalon coated fabrics are manufactured to the customer’s exact specification in the UK. A range of high quality hypalon coatings and fabrics are available. Hypalon material displays a broad range of chemical, mechanical and environmental properties and excels in it’s suitability for bright colour pigmentation (see rubber properties table). Hypalon Coated Fabrics or Textiles |… Read more »

Natural Rubber Coated Textiles Manufacturers

Manufactured in the UK, natural rubber coated fabrics are supplied to customers with non-standard requirements. White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. offer a range of custom natural rubber coating compounds and textiles. Natural rubber’s inherant mechanical properties can be widened through effective compounding making natural rubber coated textiles suitable for range of applications. Natural Rubber Coated… Read more »

Neoprene Coated Textiles Manufacturers

Neoprene coated fabrics, with a broad array of specifications, are custom manufactured in the UK by White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. Neoprene coated textiles exhibit a broad range of technical characteristics. Neoprene or polychloroprene (CR) coated fabrics display a unique balance of mechanical, chemical and environmental properties (see rubber properties chart), making them suitable for… Read more »

Nitrile Coated Textiles Manufacturers

High quality nitrile coated fabrics are developed and manufactured in the UK. White Cross Rubber Products Ltd. supply nitrile coated fabrics to customers looking for a custom made solution. Acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer (NBR) rubber coated fabrics are typically used in a wide range of oil and fuel handling, containment and sealing applications. Nitrile Coated Textiles… Read more »

SBR Coated Textiles Manufacturers

High quality, customised SBR coated fabrics are manufactured by WCRP Ltd. Our SBR proofed textiles are produced to detailed technical specifications. SBR rubber displays similar performance characteristics to natural rubber, sometimes being used as a substitute. Typically SBR is more abrasion resistant but more prone to fatigue (see rubber properties table). SBR Coated Fabrics |… Read more »

Vamac® Coated Textiles Manufacturers

Custom Vamac® coated textiles manufactured to the customers exact requirements are supplied by WCRP Ltd. The company specialises in non-standard technical Vamac® coated fabrics. Vamac® and other ethylene acrylic rubbers demonstrate a wide range of general properties (see rubber properties table) making Vamac® coated fabrics suitable for a range of applications. Vamac® Coated Textiles | Vamac®… Read more »

Viton® FKM Coated Textiles Manufacturers

Viton® FKM coated textiles are custom manufactured in the UK with a wide array of materials and specifications available. Other grades of FKM flouroelastomer coated textiles are also supplied. Viton® is one of the best known flouroelastomers (FKM), this family of high performance rubbers is characterised by some outstanding properties. Viton® material provides excellent resistance at… Read more »

Reinforced Butyl Rubber Sheeting Manufacturers

Reinforced Rubber Sheeting

Reinforced butyl sheet is manufactured by WCRP Ltd. to a customer’s specification. ‘Supported’ butyl sheet offers all the inherent properties of butyl with added mechanical strength derived from the inserted substrate. Butyl material stands out for excellent impermeability to liquids and gases qualities. Butyl rubber also demonstrates very good weathering properties (see rubber properties table)…. Read more »

Reinforced EPDM Rubber Sheeting Manufacturers

Reinforced Rubber Sheeting

Reinforced EPDM sheet (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer sheet) is manufactured to the customers specification. WCRP Ltd is a UK based EPDM sheet manufacturer specialised in supplying custom made parts. EPDM rubber is a versatile polymer which allows a high degree of variation in compound design for both general and speciality purposes. (see rubber properties table)…. Read more »