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At White Cross Rubber Products, we have supplied high performance Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls and other products globally for over three decades. We are sure that our applied technology solutions, extensive range of custom made products, and knowledge-led service is able to meet any of your requirements.

Custom Made Rubber Sheeting

At White Cross Rubber Products, we ensure that our custom made products are manufactured with our customer and their requirements in mind. From dimensions, finishes and tolerances to more complex constructions, we are confident that all of your needs will be able to be met. This detail-oriented approach is what makes White Cross Rubber Products such a trusted supplier for Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls.

Custom Made Rubber Dyes


Reinforced Rubber Sheeting

As a specialist manufacturer of reinforced rubber sheeting, we supply our range of products globally for a variety of industry applications. This is because our reinforced rubber sheeting includes a supporting substrate that improves its mechanical strength while retaining the same characteristics of straight rubber sheeting. Like all of our products, our reinforced rubber sheeting can be tailored further to ensure that your industry needs are met. This includes uncured or semi-cured sheeting along with the options of cloth or smooth finishes.


Rubber Coated Textiles

At White Cross Rubber Products, we also supply rubber coated textiles that utilise a wide variety of base materials. Also known as rubber proofed fabrics and technical coated textiles, our rubber coated textiles are tailor made.

Please fill out our contact form if you can’t find a product matching your specifications and requirements as we may be able to provide it as part of our custom made service.

Simply call us on +44 (0) 1524 585200 or email [email protected] to talk with us about Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Applied Technology for Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls

With over three decades of experience providing our applied technology rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles, we supply our products to a wide range of specialist industries. Visit our applied technology page to discover which of our products best fits your unique industry requirements with our search tool. These can then be adapted further by discussing any specifications you have in mind with our team.

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White Cross Rubber Products – Specialist Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls

Contact us today to discuss Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls and see for yourself how White Cross Rubber Products is able to provide a custom and high performance solution. To talk to us about any specifications you have or simply to find out more about Neoprene Rubber Sheet Rolls, call us on +44 (0) 1524 585200 or email [email protected]. You can also learn about our range of products and the services that we provide by downloading our free PDF guide where we explain more about us, from the technical capabilities of our materials to the industries we currently supply.

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