Rubber Sheeting and Rubber Coated Textiles Design and Manufacture Service

White Cross Rubber Products Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of specialised rubber sheeting, reinforced rubber sheeting and rubber coated textiles. This expertise can be tapped into by customers looking to create something new.

The ‘Design & Manufacture’ service offered by WCRP Ltd. enables customers to solve a broad range of engineering and product challenges by creating better performing rubber sheetings and rubber coated textiles

Rubber Sheeting Design and Development Service

With a vast array of product specifications and formulations at our disposal and exposure to numerous markets, White Cross Rubber Products Ltd invariably has expertise and experience it can contribute towards all kinds of new development projects.

Typically customers may not have an in-depth technical knowledge in-house but understand what end properties they need to achieve, our ‘Design & Manufacture’ service supports these initiatives by forming collaborative partnerships. Laboratory samples are available from our dedicated design and development facility which then progress to factory pilot and subsequently full manufacturing trial runs. The ‘Design & Manufacture’ service frequently provides a gateway to ‘Contract Manufacture